Stove & Oven Issues

If your stove or oven does not have any power at all, please be sure to follow our self-help steps for electric breakers by clicking here
If one of your electric elements or burners on the stove top is not heating up, it's possible that the element's plug has come loose when jarred by a pot, pan, or by cleaning. To fix this situation, first make sure all the burners are turned off. Then remove the burner that is not heating by gently pulling it up and out of the drip pan, and then gently placing it back in while ensuring the prongs on the heating element's plug get properly seated into its receptacle.
If these self-help options did not correct your issue, or there is a different problem with your stove or oven, please call our office during regular business hours so that we may help diagnose and correct the issue as quickly as possible.