How to Save Your Topsail Beach Vacation Memories: FREE PRINTABLE

How to Save Your Topsail Beach Vacation Memories: FREE PRINTABLE

Capturing memories. Isn't that part of what a family vacation is all about? Yes! We're offering you a quick and easy way to make sure your Topsail beach vacation memories don't slip away. This free and printable vacation journal page is a great way for your kids to wrap up their trip and save those special memories. At the end of your beach vacation, be sure to leave some time for recording vacation highlights and memories. Journaling makes for a nice quiet time activity in your Topsail rental as a culmination of your vacation time. It's also a perfect activity that can be done on the trip home if your kids are older and independent enough. However you do it, make sure you have this ready when you need it. It's fun to look back on the memories year after year and a truly special keepsake for generations to come. Make vacation journaling part of your Topsail Island family tradition!

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Journaling has inherent benefits beyond recording moments in time. Here are a few of the many!

Improves writing/drawing skills.

Journaling allows kids to write, sketch, and draw in a fun and meaningful way. The more kids practice these skills, the better!

Enhances communication skills.

Communicating and summarizing thoughts is a necessary life skill. Journaling allows for your children to apply these concepts.

Allows for self expression.

Kids often have with big emotions. Journaling allows for a child to release and process emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It's very therapeutic.

Stimulates creativity.

Journaling gets those creative juices flowing. It's often easier for younger children to have prompts to give them direction for their thoughts.

Develops mindfulness.

Focusing in on the here and now is a skill that requires practice. Journaling helps this process and develops mindfulness in everyday life.

Encourages a healthy habit.

Creating routines are a means of developing healthy habits for life! Kids who start journaling at a younger age are more likely to carry that habit into adulthood.

Now that you know some benefits of journaling, all that's left to do is print your Topsail vacation journal page before your next beach vacation. We've left the boxes open to encourage writing, sketching, or both and so that it can be usable for all ages. Happy Journaling! 

How to Save Your Topsail Beach Vacation Memories: FREE PRINTABLE

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How to Save Your Topsail Beach Vacation Memories: FREE PRINTABLE

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