Top 5 Topsail Vacation Rental Tips and Tricks You Need To Know



 When it comes to planning your vacation, there's a lot to consider. There's no need for stress or worry, though. Booking a Topsail vacation rental is quick and easy. Once that's in place, you're well on your way to island paradise.
To help you have the best Topsail vacation ever, we put together five Topsail rental tips and tricks you need to know. We want you to enjoy every minute of your stay, so make sure you read up on what you can do to make that happen. Your Topsail rental is your home-away-from-home and it should meet your every vacation expectation. 
Read these Topsail rental tips and tricks to help you get started! 



1. Read your vacation rental contract carefully.

Go over it with a fine tooth comb! Understand ahead of time what you need to know, so you can plan in advance and not encounter any unknown or inconvenient surprises. It's also helpful to have someone else read it over too (preferably someone who'll be traveling with you), just for backup. That way when you're planning your trip, you'll have someone to consult if you have any questions relating to your vacation rental.
You can find Century 21 Action Topsail's vacation rental agreement online for your convenience and reference. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We're here to help!




2. Know your check-in and check-out times.

This is pretty important! You need to know when you can arrive and when you need to leave your Topsail rental. If you've read your contract carefully (see #1), you should already know this. But it wouldn't hurt to document it on your calendar or notate it somewhere for quick reference. Life gets busy and details get forgotten. Don't let this be one of them!

Vacation rentals are usually not as flexible when it comes to early check-ins as are hotels are motels simply due to the amount of cleaning and preparation necessary to make a rental ready for use between guests. Be sure you know your vacation rental's policies when it comes to checking in and checking out. (Again, refer to #1.)

Century 21 Action's Topsail rentals have a standard 4p.m. check-in time and 10a.m. check-out time. Be sure to ask about our Late Check-In and Late Check-Out policies if you feel you'll need this during your stay.



3. Explore your amenities.

When you arrive at your rental, take some time to look around and explore your vacation rental's amenities. Make sure everything is in working order and there aren't any issues or problems from the get-go. It will be much easier to address these right from the start than to have to deal with them during your vacation. Ask about who you can contact in case any property issues or maintenance issues arise and how to best reach them. If you see a problem, it wouldn't hurt to take a photograph in case you need it for later reference.
Since each property is individually owned, there are different amenities for differing properties. There's little chance you'll encounter a problem upon arrival, but just in case, it's always good to do a once-over and make sure the amenities you've searched for are what they should be—and that you know how to operate them. 



4. Be aware of what you need to bring with you.

You don't want to be caught unprepared or expecting something to be at your rental that in reality won't be there. Plan ahead and know what's already in the vacation rental and what isn't. 
At Century 21 Action Topsail, all of our properties are individually owned and furnished but all come with standard amenities, as well as linens and towels. You will need to bring paper products (toilet paper, napkins, garbage bags, dish towels, paper towels, etc.), soaps and detergents, beach supplies, minimal cleaning supplies, and any specialty items you may desire during your stay. You can find a comprehensive checklist of what you need to bring here for your convenience and reference.
Need some specialty equipment during your Topsail vacation? We can also help you reserve almost anything else you need for your vacation (beach gear, baby equipment, grills, etc.). Visit our preferred partners website at Sweet Dreams Linen for their complete inventory, descriptions and more.



5. Get familiar with the grocery stores and local markets.

It helps to get to know what grocery stores, local farmers markets, fish markets and beach markets are nearby during your stay. That way, you'll know what resources are close by and where to find what you need in Topsail. 
If you're planning to make the most of your vacation rental kitchen, consider bringing the usual spices you need to cook with in a small containers like weekly pill dividers or contact lens cases, since you won't need to bring big bottles or want to buy them at the store for just a few uses. Bring a sampling of your favorite cooking oil and other must-have condiments. If you have some kitchen equipment that goes beyond the basics and are items you'll think you'll need or use, like your favorite coffee grinder for example, you may want to bring them with you to your rental.
If you're planning to cook, you'll also need to consider things like aluminum foil, baggies and plastic wrap. Then there are the various other sundries like sunscreen, toiletries, trash bags, paper towels and toilet paper. If you're not planning to bring those things with you, then you'll definitely want to hit the local stores and stock up for your stay. Knowing where to go is one less thing you need to think about upon arrival. It's best to plan in advance and know your options.

You can find a list of local Topsail Island stores and shops here. 

*BONUS TIP: It's always good practice to read your vacation rental companies Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a question, most likely someone has already asked it. Check there first or just read it over in case there are things you didn't think of but need to know.

You can find Century 21 Action Topsail's vacation rental FAQ page here. Check it out! It's a wealth of information and quite helpful for your vacation planning.


What's your best vacation rental tip or trick? We want to know!



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