Top 10 Reasons Why Topsail is a Pet-Friendly Paradise

Top 10 Reasons Why Topsail is a Pet-Friendly Paradise

People love Topsail Island, North Carolina, and pets do too! And guess what? Here at Topsail Rentals Online and Century 21 Action Topsail, we are dog lovers as well. Why do dogs love vacationing here just as much as their human counterparts? Let us count the ways, ten of them to be exact. We're highlighting the best of what Topsail has to offer your dog on a family beach vacation where everyone is invited—furry, four-legged, wet-nosed family members included. There's no leaving anyone behind and no stress or worry about finding a pet sitter, putting your beloved dog in a kennel or other unfamiliar place without you. Your pet-friendly Topsail vacation rental has everything you need. But that's just the beginning. There's more you need to know about why Topsail Island is a pet-friendly paradise. We have the most popular dog-friendly spots on the island, plus more pet-friendly tips for your beach vacation. You'll want to take paws (pun intended) and remember these. 


#1 Topsail Island has a lot of pet-friendly rentals with amazing amenities.Pet Friendly Rentals


Topsail Island Rentals and Century 21 Action Topsail offer over 100 pet-friendly properties in a variety of locations and with the amenities that matter to you and your family. Our rentals fall into three categories: Pet-Friendly Properties, No-Pet Properties, and Pet-Free Properties as defined below.


Pet-Friendly Properties. Dogs allowed with a Pet Fee for each dog. These properties allow dogs based on varying restrictions per property. Most of our pet friendly properties allow a maximum of 2 dogs, some properties allow more or less (please inquire). Some properties have size or breed restrictions. NOTE: These properties only allow Pets with a PAID Pet Fee PER each Pet and the pet varies based on the property size. Guests are responsible for removing all dog waste from the yard, beach, etc. Note that the Security Deposit Waiver or the Pet Fee(s) do not cover damages or additional cleaning from pet accidents or policy violations.

No-Pet Properties. These properties do not allow vacationers to bring pets; sorry. The property owner may bring their pet, or perhaps a family owner brings a pet; but guests are not allowed to. This may be due to a variety of reasons varying from a bad experience, to particular allergies, to personal preference, or other reasons.

Pet-Free Properties. These properties never allow any type of pet or animal on the property. This does NOT mean pets stay for free. These properties are pet allergen free for other guests, the property owner, or their family members. This is very serious for people with severe allergies. Bringing a pet into a pet free property can result in all of the charges described previously; medical expenses for those affected, possible replacement of items that cannot be adequately cleaned to remove allergens (carpets, furniture, curtains, bedding, other soft goods, etc).

#2 All of the Topsail beaches and towns are dog-friendly.

North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach each have their own dog rules and regulations, but each is pet-friendly and welcoming. They mainly encompass keeping your dog on a leash at the appropriate times and cleaning up after your pet. Visit each Topsail town's website for exactly what you and your pet need to know. You can find them by following the links below.



#3 There's plenty of room to roam, play and explore on the island.

Beach Dog


From the parks to the streets to the beaches, your dog can get out and see the sights while burning off some energy and getting a good walk in each and every day. There isn't a lot of congestion or wall-to-wall people on the beach or in town, so your pup can feel at ease you share walks together around the island. Choose a new adventure every day and see where it leads you. One thing is for certain, you can't beat the views!

#4 Topsail Island is safe for families and dogs. 


Topsail Island ranks high in safety for its residents, visitors and vacationers. It's true for your pets, too. There isn't high speed traffic on the island, so you can both feel relaxed and at ease as you walk the streets and explore the towns. 

#5 You don't have to worry about too many crowds.


Dogs (and people) can feel anxious when there are too many people in one place. That's not what you'll find here on Topsail Island. Even during the peak summer season, you'll find enough personal space to feel right at home, and your dog will too. Let's not forget that your pet-friendly Topsail rental offers you the perfect private oasis anytime you need to get away from everything for awhile. 

#6 Pet rental items such as crates and kennels are readily available.Dog Kennel


Don't worry about bringing all of your pet paraphernalia with you. Sweet Dreams Linens is a great pet-friendly resource if you're in need of rental items for your dog during your Topsail Island vacation. They offer pet rental items including dog crates in various sizes, dog gates and portable dog wash stations just to name a few. They are conveniently located in Surf City and service all of the towns on Topsail Island.

#7 There are plenty of places to pamper your pet.


Your dog's on vacation too and surely deserves a little special treatment and pet pampering. Check out these local dog groomers and pet specialty stores, then start making plans to pamper your pooch in style.


Spoiled to the Bone Grooming Salon
311 S. Topsail Dr.
Surf City, NC 28445

304 Becky's Creek Rd.
Hampstead, NC 28443

99 Village Dr.
Holly Ridge, NC 28445

#8 Topsail offers pet-friendly parks.Dog Park

Soundside Park in Surf City is a pet-friendly park with plenty of room to roam (leashed, of course) and unending scenic coastal views. It is a dog's delight that offers abundant walking opportunities, as well as a boardwalk, fishing pier and viewing decks. Soundside Park has spectacular views of the Intracoastal Waterway, while also being the perfect place to view a North Carolina sunset.
The Surf City Bark Park is an awesome place where your dog can roam free and off the leash. It offers a well-maintained fenced area for large and small dogs. The Bark Park is located behind the community center and is open from dawn to dusk. Water is provided and don't forget to scoop. 


#9 There are dog-friendly restaurants and businesses in Topsail.

You can bring your dog with you and dine outside at a few of our local Topsail Island restaurants. You can read where to find them on our Pet-Friendly Information & Resources page. For activities where you can't or don't want want to bring your dog along, Topsail offers some outstanding pet-sitting services to help you out and leave you feeling comfortable and at ease during your time away.

#10 There are veterinary services on-island and off in case of an emergency.

Don't worry about the "what-ifs". You can feel confident knowing that veterinary services are nearby if you need them during your Topsail beach vacation. Here are the closest animal hospitals to your Topsail Island rental.


13775 NC Hwy 50 #503
Holly Ridge, NC 28445-6950

16350 US Hwy 17 N
Hampstead, NC 28443

We could keep going, but we'll stop here for now. It's pretty obvious that Topsail Island is the pet-friendly paradise you've been in search of for your next beach vacation. Why wait? There's no time like the present to start planning our next Topsail beach vacation. Take a look at our pet-friendly Topsail vacation rentals and find the perfect one for you and your family. Let us know if we can help you in any way!



Have you stayed in a pet-friendly rental during your Topsail beach vacation? What did you love most and what amenities mattered most to you, your family, and your dog?

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