How to Quickly and Easily Tame Your Beach Hair

Tame Your Beach Hair 

Beach hair can be easy, breezy and fun. It certainly shouldn't require too many (if any) styling products and should complement the natural tendencies of your hair. Don't force it, just work with what you have. That's beach style at its essence. So exactly how do you keep your hair looking beautiful and under control while at the mercy of the coastal elements of sun, sand, salt and sea? Here are a few simple and stylish ways to tame your beach hair easily and without much effort. Try one or try them all. Let us know which style you use most on your beach days. We'd love to hear from you.


Go with the Flow Wavy Hair

Whatever the natural texture and style of your hair is, work with it! Don't try to make your stick-straight hair curly or try to straighten out your corkscrew curls. You'll have the natural elements to contend with and no amount of styling product is going to hold as it normally would when the salty air, the heat of the sun's rays, higher humidity and the constant coastal breeze are all working against you. Don't fight it. Instead, work with what you have. Got waves? Add a little sea salt texturizer to tame any unwanted frizz. Got curls? Let them be free to blow in wind or loosely secure them in a low ponytail or messy bun. Got straight hair? Run a little extra conditioner through it to keep it tangle free and let the salty sea and air have their way.
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Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat

A wide-brimmed hat serves a multitude of purposes. It protects your hair from the harsh elements. It shades your your scalp, your face, your neck and sometimes even your shoulders (depending on the size and style) from too much sun. It also adds an element of style to your beach attire. Not to mention a wide-brimmed hat looks sexy and sophisticated, and works well with just about every hair type. Make sure you try on a few and choose the one that best suits you and your style. It makes a welcome addition to any beach bag. 
BEACH HAT DIY: Need some help choosing the right hat for your head? Who better than Panama Jack to guide you. Here are 5 Tips for Picking the Best Beach Hat for Your Head.


Hat HairTie a Scarf Around Your Hair

Scarves can add a element of fun and style to your beach 'do. They happen to be pretty trendy, too. They have the added benefit of keeping your hair and hairstyle in place when you're out on the sand. 
BEACH SCARF DIY: Not sure how to use a scarf to complement your beach hairstyle? We love the ideas here: 5 Ways to Rock Your Hair Scarf. They're flirty, fun and fabulous.


Be Bold with Braids

Braids have been trending for a while now, but they happen to make the perfect beach hairstyle and there are so many options. Find the right one for you and go for the plaited look for your next day out in the elements. Braids help keep the hair out of your face and leave you with some nice beach waves in your hair at the end of the day. From cascade braids and entwined scarf braids to dutch braids and french braids, there's a different braid for every day of your beach vacation.
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Make Some Waves

Waves are the quintessential beach hairstyle and look great on anyone. Carefree, relaxed and windblown are all part of the beach waves look. There are seemingly infinite ways to add a little oomph to your hair from texturizing hair products to hair wands and irons to braids and twists. It may take a little trial and error to find the best method for your individual hair type and texture, but once you find the right combination, use it! Beachy waves are stylish and sexy. 
BEACH WAVES DIY: If you want to see some of your options for creating this look, here are 12 Hair Hacks to Get the Best Beach Waves.


Stay Sleek & StylishBraided Hair

Sleek hairstyles are perfect for the beach because they usually don't require too much more than wet hair with a little extra conditioner run through and then styled however you please. Sleek is always stylish and keeps you looking put together whether you're heading out on the beach or out on the town, or both. Sleek your hair back in a ponytail, bun, braid, or place an accent like a floral clip, scarf or decorative hair tie. Sleek is always in and adds sophistication to your beach look. 
Sleek Hair DIY: Glamour magazine has an entire gallery dedicated to Sleek Hairstyles That Will Help You Beat the Heat. They are all super stylish and totally doable. 



What are your favorite beach hairstyles that are both practical and beautiful? We want to know!

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