How to Make the Most of Your Family Time on Topsail Island

How to Make the Most of Your Family Time on Topsail Island | Century 21 Action

Ah, the family vacation. It's what you and your family look forward to each and every year—and you want it to be the best it can be for everyone on the trip... which is not always an easy task. So how do you make the most of your family time together and enjoy your vacation moments without stress? We have six super helpful tips to get you and your family into vacation mode without a hitch. Here's what you can do.

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1. Plan vacation activities as a family.

It's worthwhile to get input from all of your family members before going full in on planning your vacation activities and adventures. Letting your kids have a voice in vacation planning is a great way for everyone to feel heard and get involved. You may not be able accommodate everyone's requests, but enlisting their help in researching, brainstorming and choosing the attractions and activities helps to include them in the process and truly make it a family-centered vacation.

2. Schedule in some down time.

One of the biggest pitfalls of a family vacation is the tendency to over plan and over schedule your time. That never ends well if your days are just a series of things to do, places to go, and sights to see. Everyone will get pretty cranky pretty quickly. This is a vacation, so it inherently should include some down time for everyone—including you! Whether you pencil in some quiet time each day or you just let it happen on its own, be sure carve out time and space in your day to just relax. 

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3. Trade screen time for quality time together.

This is a hard one for most of us. There are so many reasons to get on your device and it's a hard habit to break. But if there is the perfect time to detox from your devices—vacation is that time. Talk about it with your family members ahead of time and try to get everyone on board with the idea of less screen time in exchange for family game nights, family meals made together, and walks on the beach after dinner. The devices will always be there, but your vacation time won't. 

4. Give adequate time to rest and sleep.

The vacation days are long but the nights are short. Everyone in the family is off schedule and off of their usual routine. This can be challenging, especially if you have younger children. Be mindful of the quantity and quality of sleep your kids are getting. No one wants whiny toddlers or teens on a vacation. Exhaustion is one of the biggest reasons for that! Be proactive and allow your younger kids to get the naps they need, while allowing your teens to sleep in and rest whenever possible. This advice goes for parents, too!

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5. Allow for spontaneity.

There will be times where your family will want to go somewhere or do something that wasn't in the plan. That's okay! In fact, that's great! Some of the best vacation memories come from unexpected adventures. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and you just have to go with it. You can't always plan everything in advance, and you certainly don't want to. The element of surprise and the feeling that unknown adventures await are all part of the vacation fun. 

6. Use your Topsail rental to its fullest potential.

You chose your Topsail rental for very specific reasons, right? Right! Enjoy your amenities to the fullest. Put that vacation rental kitchen to good use by creating some fabulous family meals together. Linger on the deck and take in the ocean views as often as you can. Swim in the pool, light up the fireplace, or soak in the hot tub. This is your vacation and your home-away-from-home, so get comfortable and make yourself right at home. You and your family deserve it! 

how do you make your family vacation the best it can be?

We want to know! Drop us a comment and give us your advice. 

How to Make the Most of Your Family Time on Topsail Island | Century 21 Action

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