How to Enjoy the Best Charter Fishing in Topsail, NC

How to Enjoy the Best Charter Fishing in Topsail, NC

Booking a fishing charter during your Topsail Island beach vacation is a great way to get out on the water and have a grand adventure all at the same time. From novice to expert level, charter fishing can be catered to your interests as well as your abilities—and you can always learn more from the local captains and crews about what to expect here off the coast of North Carolina. You're in good hands, so put a fishing charter on your Topsail vacation to-do list next time you're here and see what you reel in. You have some wonderful options that are not far from your Topsail rental. Read more about it and then book your excursion today!

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1. Research your Topsail charter fishing options.

First things first. Take a look at your local Topsail Island charter fishing options, and see which one is best suited for you. Here are a few places to get started.

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2. Decide on the type of charter fishing trip you want.

After doing your preliminary research to see what your options are, you'll want to decide which of your choices are best suited for your experience level and which place best matches your expectations. Even if you’ve never been on a fishing charter before, you still might have an idea or two about what you want to try. This could be a fishing technique you want to learn, a fish species you want to catch, or even a specific fishing spot you want to visit. If you or any of your fellow anglers have any special requirements, this is the time to mention them.

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3. Know what is & what is not included in the charter.

While you're researching and discussing your options, pay attention to what is included in the price of the fishing charter. Most charters already have a blanket fishing license, the equipment and bait needed for the trip, and the other necessary tools and equipment for a day out on the water. But it's always good to clarify if you have any questions or uncertainties about what to expect and what you are responsible for bringing with you. Do you need to bring lunch? Water to drink? Coolers? Are there any other extra fees you need to know about? Now is the time to ask.

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4. Be prepared for a day on the water.

Layers of clothing that dry quickly, sunglasses (polarized are best), and sunscreen (apply and reapply!) are a given. Rubber-soled sneakers or shoes that cover your feet are a good choice both for stability and protection from sharp hooks that might be on deck. Some fishing charters are catch-and-release, and some allow you to keep the fish that you catch. If you want to keep the fish that you catch, you will need to bring ample coolers with you to haul the fish back from the boat to your Topsail rental. A mini first-aid kit and seasick meds like Dramamine are also helpful to bring with you in case you need them. 

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5. Enjoy the adventure & memories in the making! 

All that's left to do is relax and enjoy your Topsail charter fishing experience. Your captain and crew are there to guide you and help you have a fabulous day out on the water and the most successful fishing experience possible. Take some photos, enjoy the beautiful water views that surround you, and don't forget to tip your captain and crew! Whether you come home with a cooler full of fish or just a few good fish stories to tell, the experience is what matters most. Good luck! 

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Have you been charter fishing during your topsail beach vacation?

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How to Enjoy the Best Charter Fishing in Topsail, NC

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