10 Ways to Get Crafty at the Beach

10 Ways to Get Crafty at the Beach 

Have you ever wanted to bring a little bit of the beach home with you? Beach crafts are the perfect way to create your own vacation souvenir, while also bringing the essence of your beach vacation back home with you. Whether you're at a Martha Stewart level or just a novice in the world of crafting, this top 10 list of best ways to get crafty at the beach will give you the inspiration you need to get started. We've also included some super simple and incredibly adorable kid-friendly beach crafts for the littlest ones. They happen to be perfect rainy-day activities no matter what your age that you can do right in your Topsail Island vacation rental. Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this blog for details, instructions and more project ideas. Ready, set, get crafting!


1. Beach Souvenir JarsSouvenir Jar


This a classic way to bring a little bit of the beach and your vacation home with you. Whether you use a mason jar, or any jar really, you can collect some of your most favorite coastal things and arrange them nicely for a keepsake that looks great in any room of your home. Fill it with sand, shells, sea glass, driftwood and sand dollars, or whatever you happen across on your daily walk on the beach. You can even put a cute little label on them marking the date and location they were found. Super simple yet totally elegant!

2. Seashell Crafts


Seashell craft ideas abound and the only limit is your imagination. We really love the simple ones like DIY seashell hairpins and shell garlands. But you can go beyond those and make seashell ornaments, lamps and candles. The ocean's the limit!

3. DIY Sand Clay & Plaster of Paris Sand


Fun for the kids and keepsakes for you! Using sand as a base for clay or mixing it with plaster of Paris can result in some amazing mementos for you to take home with you. Whether you're doing handprints and footprints or artistic sand bowls, your sand creation will be one-of-a-kind. Try it next time you're out on the beach. 

4. Crafty Sea Creatures


From styrofoam cup crabs and medicine cup jellyfish to seashell critters and paper plate crabs, these coastal crafts are really fun and whimsical for both the kids and kids-at-heart. It only takes a few common household items to make some of the best sea creature crafts. They're perfect projects for that occasional rainy day at the beach.

5. DIY Driftwood Projects


Don't overlook the potential of driftwood! Just a few pieces can be transformed into a simply stunning piece of artwork. Whether it's small, choice pieces arranged in a coastal jar or pieces of varying length arranged to resemble a fish, driftwood is a crafter's dream material. Make it as easy or as complicated as you like and create a driftwood masterpiece of your very own. 

6. DIY Seashell CandlesSeashell Candles


Scallop, clam, and quahog shells happen to make lovely bases for DIY coastal candles. All you need are wax and wicks to make them. They are the ideal ways to capture the essence of the summer beach season. Remember that large, deep seashells will burn the best and the longest. 

7. Beachy Mason Jar Candles


Speaking of candles, another great option is to create a mason jar filled with a few of your favorite beachy things and a votive candle. Instantly gorgeous and filled with quintessential coastal charm.

8. Nautical Inspired Crafts


A little rope can go a long way when it comes to giving a nautical flair. Use it to frame a mirror or picture frame, or as a design element in any room. Buy a piece during your beach vacation and get inspired to be creative with it when you return home. It serves as a constant reminder of that special trip and brings to mind the memories of your treasured beach vacation. 

9. DIY Mini Aquarium


A mini aquarium is a wonderful way to keep the beach spirit alive. All you need is a jar or a glass of your liking, some sand from your beach vacation, a few shells or other beach mementos and some water. Add in an adorable moss ball or pretty algae for a pop of color and creative way to keep your mini aquarium extra clean. Just remember to change out the water every few weeks. 

10. Kid-Friendliest Beach CraftsSea Creatures Crafts


There are many, many beach crafts you can do with the kids any time you (or they) need a diversion from the beach or a fun way to spend some time indoors. Shell critters, sea bottles, mermaid necklaces, and tropical windsocks are only a few of the many kid-friendly crafts you can do at the beach. They are fun, festive and commemorative ways to spend your beach days.
Are you looking for even more beach craft inspiration? Then check out the complete list of 40 Easy Beach Craft Ideas right here, as well as more details and photos of the beach crafts mentioned in this blog, all compiled by BigDIYIdeas.com. We know you'll love them as much as we do.


Happy coastal crafting!

To make these awesome beach crafts, you have to be at the beach. Isn't it time you started planning your next Topsail beach vacation? Yes, yes it is!


What's your favorite beach craft?
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