COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Rest assured that when vacationing with Century 21 Action, your health and safety are our top priorities.

This page was last updated on April 2nd, 2020.

The Global/National/Local situation and information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly changing, so we will continue to update this page as information is made available. We are monitoring this situation closely, in all regards. Our team has some of the best experience and knowledge in the vacation rental business, and we are all constantly communicating with other vacation rental professionals, industry regulators, our local peers, Local/State/& National authorities and health/medical websites and professionals (CDC and W.H.O.) to make sure that we are following the best practices possible. We would also like to let you know that our hearts go out to all involved, and we are doing everything we can to ensure not only the safety of our guests, but also our team and all the local vendors that help make Topsail Island vacations with Century 21 Action great, as many of us are either in high risk groups, or have close family members who are. 

Jump below to see why Topsail and Century 21 Action might just be the perfect get-a-way when you're ready.

Our Office Hours have been temporarily modified.  Our current office hours are 

9 AM to 1 PM Monday through Saturday.

For guests with Arrival Dates between Today and Either: 

April 30th (Town of Topsail Beach) or 

April 23rd (Town of Surf City), or 

April 24th (Town of North Topsail Beach) 

(dependent on Town) 

The 3 island towns of Topsail Island have declared that they will be prohibiting vacation rentals as a step to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 for at least the next few weeks.  Each town has slightly different rules in place.  The location/township of your reserved property would apply.  

Here is a link to the Surf City Declaration ,  

Here is a link to the Topsail Beach Declaration 

Here is a link to the North Topsail Beach Declaration

If you are interested in changing your dates/rescheduling: (we know everyone needs a vacation more than ever).

The Topsail Island area is anxious to see you, just not as originally planned.  The Topsail Area took a big blow from Hurricane Florence towards the end of 2018 and last year was largely a rebuilding year.  While Topsail now looks as beautiful as ever with most repairs and improvements completed by now; many local businesses, property owners, and residents are still recovering financially from the storm.  Our community needs your visit/vacation more than ever.  We want to help make that happen and you won't be disappointed.

 With rescheduling: we will issue you a credit for the amount already paid on your reservation.  If the seasonal rate is higher than the original booked rate/credit, the guest would responsible for the difference. If the seasonal/weekly rate is less than the original reservation, there will be a refund of the difference. 

If you wish to apply for this credit and reservation date change, please 
We ask that you fill out this form as soon as possible to ensure proper processing and to ensure the best dates for you.

 Once your form has been received, you will be contacted by a member of our team with further instructions. We want to ensure that you take the vacation that you deserve.

This option currently only applies to reservations falling within the dates above.

If you purchased a Travel Insurance Policy prior to January 29th:

Guests that purchased a Generali/CSA Travel Protection policy prior to January 29th, 2020 for their current reservation may have expanded coverage for COVID-19 related travel issues because it was purchased prior to COVID-19 related issues becoming a "foreseen event".  Expanded coverage could cover other travel expenses in addition to amounts paid to our firm (ie: airline tickets, other travel arrangements, etc).  Please call Generali/CSA Insurance for additional questions about coverages/options at 1-866-999-4018 or complete their online claim form here:

If you wish to cancel entirely during the town restrictions above:

Our offices will be reaching out to you as quickly as we can. We appreciate your patience as our phones are extremely busy with questions and summer and fall bookings.


Since the current virus situation is still very fluid, and how it will impact travel in the future, we ask that you hold tight with your reservations and allow us to handle the immediate travel issues and concerns at hand. We are not currently allowing guests who are checking in later in the season to alter their reservation dates without following our standard cancellation policies.  We will continue to post updates as information becomes available to us.   

For Vacationers still wanting to make new plans beyond the town imposed Date restrictions: 

We want you to come see the splendor of Topsail Island.  The only thing stopping you is the current local restrictions that should be lifted prior to our gorgeous Summer Sun and Beaches going into full show-off mode.  Please call our offices or book online to pick your dates and the ideal property to start planning the fun.  

We are adamant supporters of the idea that Topsail Island and Century 21 are the perfect Vacation Choice within the world we currently live in.  Families need vacations, remote workers and students need a chance to relax, people can easily spread out, enjoy the sun and sand, and take personal time together.  Friends still need get-a-ways.  We are still here to make that happen while keeping everyone safe.  We are not trying to be opportunistic, but our local area needs to keep the local economy going (us and our neighbors).  Your vacation/visit helps a lot of different people keep jobs in this community.  We want to be your choice for vacations and real estate for many years to come (and our local community, and national economy needs you too). With that said, we understand that many people are uncertain, and hesitant, about traveling and vacations amidst everything going on surrounding COVID-19 and state of public health. We want to assure you that by choosing a vacation rental managed by us on Topsail Island, you are in the best and most capable hands possible.  A Century 21 Action Vacation on Topsail Island is the perfect vacation choice in light of current events.

Further down this page, you will find valuable information and links regarding our vacation rentals, COVID-19, our cleaning/sanitation standards, and more. As we are acquire new information, we will be sure these pages are updated.

Why Topsail is the Perfect Vacation; Now more than Ever?

It's no secret that Century 21 Action rentals on Topsail Island are a great vacation choice anytime, but especially now! Here are a few reasons why if you're thinking about vacationing, Topsail should be your choice:
  • Great "drive to" destination (read our article on this here)
  • Low population density at Topsail (we're not quite "hick", but we're quiet)
  • "Escaping" is the norm for our vacationers
  • More Fresh Air per person (and ocean breezes) than most places.
  • Private Vacation Rental homes (see next heading below)
  • Well stocked Kitchens (get your "Bam" on and avoid going out)
  • Easily avoid crowded, metro type areas and nearby Major airports.
  • Social Distancing on the beach couldn't be easier on our 26 mile beach; and serious relaxing/salt water opportunities!.
  • Professional Housekeeping Companies.  (not the neighbor/friend that the property owner hired)  Rest Assured, it's done right.
  • Professionally Laundered Sheets and Bath Linens included with every rental.  From Topsail's Premiere Linen Service; Sweet Dreams Linens.

Why A Vacation Rental?

Vacation rentals offer benefits that most hotels don't. 

  • The price per person/per bed/per room/per night is the better option and value against most hotels or resorts worldwide.  (Only tents are cheaper!)
  • Space to Spread Out.
  • No "Other Guests" to bump into.
  • Remote Check-In at Century 21 Action...No busy check-in lobbies
  • All the Extras: stocked kitchens, decks, family rooms, etc.
  • And so much more; click the link to learn:

General COVID-19 Information & Safety Precautions

Our Cleaning & Sanitation Standards