Other Emergencies

If none of our other categories applied to your situation, it may need to wait until our offices reopen in order to help you. There are not maintenance companies that accept new orders after hours on small coastal island for non-emergencies. If you are having a true emergency that can be addressed after hours that was not previously listed, or emergency is a safety hazard to you, a member of your party, or causing on-going damage to your property, please call our After-Hours Emergency Line at 888-698-4283. Please be sure to leave a detailed message stating the nature of your emergency, your property's name and address, and a phone number where they can reach you. Note that only true emergencies can be responded to after hours and that such emergencies are not determined by the person calling, but by the situation. Non-emergency calls or messages will not be returned and you will need to call our offices during business hours. Unfortunately, air conditioning issues are not considered an after hours emergency, regardless of a person's medical conditions, age, or other factors.