No Linen Service

If you have arrived at your property and have not been able to locate your linen service, please take a moment to locate the delivery tubs in which they are delivered. Our linen service utilizes grey Rubbermaid-type totes for homes, and blue Rubbermaid-type totes for condos (see picture). They are sometimes mistaken for recycling tubs that are used in some parts of the country. The grey linen totes are typically placed directly outside an exterior door to the property, so please check all doors, into and onto the property, including sliding glass doors. The grey linen totes may have been left under the property if your vacation rental is on pilings. In condos, the blue linen totes are delivered to the inside of the property near the front door. If you are still not able to locate your linen service after checking all of the above locations, please call our After-Hours Emergency Line at 888-698-4283. If you do not receive a call back within 20 minutes from our after-hours emergency service, you may then call our linen service at 910-328-5312.