Lock Outs 

If you are checking in after hours and have not been able to find your check-in packet, please ensure you are looking in the correct drop-box and are at the correct office. We have two office locations: one in Surf City, and one in Sneads Ferry. Your Vacation Rental Agreement states which office to check-in. At our Surf City office, we have two drop boxes; one for our Sales Department, and one for our Rental Department. The Sales drop box is located on the smaller part of the building, nearest the street. The Rental drop box is located down the side porch, near the back of the building. Your packet should be in the Rental drop box, but please check both boxes just in case. If you are at the correct office and your packet is not in any of our drop boxes, please call our After-Hours Emergency Line at 888-698-4283.
If it is after business hours, and you are locked out of your property, please be sure to try all exterior doors that you can access. Our after business hours lock out fee is $60.00 until 10 pm, and $80.00 after 10 pm. Please be prepared to pay the person that brings you the keys. To arrange the lock out service, please call our After-Hours Emergency Line at 888-698-4283.