Internet Issues

If you are experiencing problems with your property's internet or WiFi, there are a few self-help steps you can do to try to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. There can be several reasons why the internet may not be working, so we have to try to first diagnose the problem. First, we must ensure that you are connecting to the correct network and using the correct password. Both the network name and password can be found in a number of places depending on the property: near the router, on the router, on the bottom of the router, on the property direction sheet in your check-in packet, or on the refrigerator. Remember that passwords are space and case sensitive. If your password is incorrect, your connection manager application on your computer/tablet/phone will tell you so. If you do not get an incorrect password error message, your password is correct. If the password is incorrect, and you cannot find any other password options in any of the aforementioned places, please call our office during regular business hours so that we can get the correct password for you.
If your issue is not a password issue, we must continue to diagnose the problem. First, check to make sure that all Ethernet and power cords are plugged tightly into their ports. If that does not resolve the issue, unplug both the router and the modem (it may be a combo unit, if so there will only be one box to unplug) for at least 45 seconds. You can simply remove the power cord from the back of the box in order to do this. DO NOT press any reset buttons on the modem or router. This can cause further complications, and could result in service charges and delayed activation. After 45 seconds have passed, plug both the router and modem back in, wait a few minutes to ensure everything has powered back on completely, and try your connection again. 
If you've completed all steps and are still unable to access the internet, please call us during our regular business hours.