GFIs and Outlets

There can be several causes of appliance, light fixtures, and other electrical household items to not turn on besides a tripped breaker. We want to help you get this resolved right away without waiting for a maintenance vendor, so let's try the following self-help. 

First, while rather obvious, it never hurts to ensure that the item is properly plugged into both the electric outlet receptacle and the back of the item or any inline transformers. The second possibility is that the electric outlet the item is plugged into is controlled by a light switch. Please try all light switches in the vicinity, keeping in mind that the switch location may not necessarily make sense. A third possibility is that the outlet that is not functioning is a GFI (ground fault interrupt) outlet, or in a chain that is connected to one. One GFI outlet may control several regular outlets, and again they may not be in locations that make sense. Common areas for GFI outlets include any wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, outside areas, etc. Please locate all GFI outlets and press the reset button on them. Please note that they may be difficult to reset. If the problem is still not resolved, try to take the item that is not powering on into a completely different room and try a different outlet, or bring a different smaller electrical item such as an alarm clock or phone charger that you know is working to the outlet in question. 
Hopefully these steps have resolved your issue, or at least properly diagnosed the problem. Please call our offices during business hours to report this problem, and we will get it resolved as quickly as possible.