Breaker Troubleshooting

If you are having electrical, appliance, or air conditioning issues in your property, we need you to check the electric breakers/fuse panels. This may immediately solve your problem. Please know that some properties have several electric panels and they are not necessarily located in the same places. Electric panels are often hard to find; they may be hidden behind pictures on the walls, in closets, in the washer/dryer areas, or in a storage room. When you locate the electric panel, try to locate the individual breaker (or breakers) that are marked for the part of the house or appliance that is without power. Please flip those all the way off, and then all the way back on again, even if they look like they did not trip. If you are unable to locate the correct labeled breaker, look for one that appears tripped and turn it all the way off and then back on again. It is sometimes difficult to visually identify which breaker is tripped because they do not trip over very far from the on position. If you can't identify a breaker that looks tripped, run your fingers down all the breakers to identify one that is not lined up exactly with the others, and then turn it all the way off and then back on again.
If this did not resolve your problem, please click here.