Air Conditioning Issues

We are very sorry that you're having an issue with your air conditioning system. We know exactly how hot it can get here on Topsail Island and want to help you resolve these issues as quickly as possible with some self-help. Some problems are easily and quickly resolved with our self-help menu, while others require waiting for a repair company and possibly parts to arrive. Our small island towns only have a handful of HVAC repair companies servicing the entire area, and parts or replacements often have to be shipped in. The more precisely we can determine and diagnose the problem, the more quickly we can get service and parts from the repair companies. So let's get started!

First it's important to understand how residential air conditioning systems and thermostats operate. These residential air conditioners are built and designed to cool a property to 20 degrees less than the outside temperature, even if you have multiple air conditioning systems in the property. In other words, if it's 98 degress outside, it may only cool the property to 78 degrees, and that's provided that door openings and closing, that let hot air in and cool air out, are kept to a minimum, that the windows have not been opened, and the bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans have not been left running for extended periods of time.
It's also important to understand that air conditioners only operate at one speed, regardless of what the thermostat has been set to. Turning a thermostat down to 60 degrees will not cause more Freon to be used, more air to flow, or to cool the house any faster. In fact, doing this may result in breakdown of the unit, or cause the compressor to freeze and quit working completely. We always request that thermostats do not get set below 74 degrees, not to conserve energy or to save on power bills, but to prevent you from being without air conditioning due to a breakdown.

Please click here to continue the troubleshooting if this information has not helped you diagnose the problem.