Air Conditioning - Warm Air Blowing

If you have warm air coming from the air conditioning vents, please check all of the thermostats and electric breakers as described in the previous step. If that does not solve the problem, we need to determine if the unit has frozen up. This requires a visual inspection of both the outside air conditioning units (typically located on pilings beside the property) and the air handler units (typically located inside of a closet in the property). You are looking for any signs of frost, ice, or snow on the units. On the outside air conditioning units, it can usually be seen on the pipes and wires that run between the unit and the property. On the air handler it can usually be observed along the sides. If you see any signs of ice, frost, or snow, the system has frozen. This was likely caused by the thermostat being set too low. At this point, any of the units that have frozen up need to be turned OFF at the thermostat for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours. Even though as it thaws, you may not be able to see visible signs of ice or frost, it still may be frozen in areas you can't see. If you turn the system on before the system is completely thawed, you have restarted the "thaw clock." Note that an air conditioning service technician cannot work on the unit, or get it to work, if the unit is still frozen.
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