Update: 9/22/18 1:00 PM

Topsail Island is underway for a Fantastic Recovery and we know our beloved beach will be better than ever. The area and community will have their work cut out for us in the short term, but we can already envision how great it will be when everything is cleaned up with a lot of renovated properties and businesses.

Property Owners and Businesses have been allowed access to the island for a couple of days now and we have been busy making property assessments. Contractors and Insurance Adjusters were granted access today. All three island towns are currently closed to vacationers and the general public.

North Topsail Beach has advised us that it will not be open for the foreseeable future (they do not have a date but are anticipating it may be several weeks but that is subject to change). Surf City and Topsail Beach are still working on repairs to utilities and clearing of debris. This will take some time.

Our team and inspectors are still working very hard to inspect the interior and exterior of every home to determine the extent of any damages. Once we have determined that a home is safe for you to stay in and the towns have granted access, we will notify you. We are anxious for your return as much as you would love to be here. But we just don't have that information at this time.

If you were already scheduled to arrive prior to and including today and had the travel protection insurance with CSA insurance; please file a claim. We can help if needed.

If you do not have CSA insurance you should NOT come to the island. We are working with homeowners to issue either a refund or reschedule your vacation for later this year or a date in 2019. Every existing reservation will be handled on a case by case basis.

For guests still scheduled to arrive within the next few weeks, we will keep you updated as we learn more.
We have attempted to call every guest scheduled to come in by today’s date. If you need to reach us, please call at 1-800-255-2233.

We are well underway with our property inspections and calls/emails/texts to owners. We hope to finish these in the next few days. Our inspections continue to uncover properties in all states of repair; some that seem mostly untouched by the storm, to the majority of homes that have minor damage, and some have major damage but all are repairable. It’s safe to say that most oceanfront properties on the island lost their beach steps/walkways, sometimes all the way to the deck. Most town, subdivision, personal beach accesses are in the same condition. A few properties lost their decks as well. Most properties had some type of roof damage from a few shingle tabs broken off to sections of roof missing. There is a lot of debris on the beach/water’s edge and still in the water but it will be cleaned up soon.

To some extent, we still do not have concrete answer to some questions; as the community is still trying to get their feet on the ground and see what will happen next. However, answers are coming more quickly now and we are getting a better idea of what to expect in the next few days and weeks. I will say the community continues to pull together and work together in a great way. I’ve been working with most of the other property management, real estate companies, and other businesses in the area to make things happen…we all support each other because Topsail Island is in this as a whole and we will come out of it together.

Many residents, local work force, long term tenants, and our employees have been displaced from their homes due to severe damage. But they are working hard to get the area back into shape and coming to work every day.
Most of Eastern North Carolina and South Carolina is still severely flooded making travel to the area nearly impossible. The island itself and nearby mainland is NOT FLOODED at this point. However, we have had many employees and property owners unable to make it into or out of the area. Road closures are changing rapidly. Many areas/rivers/bridges/etc. are expected to crest/peak over this weekend. DO NOT try to travel here without speaking to us, it is not safe even if a website said that particular route was open previously. We know people that have been stranded and needing rescue, it’s frequent. Pender County and Onslow County, and most of the other eastern counties in this area are experiencing their worst flooding in recorded history. There are areas within 25 miles of the beach in which only the chimneys of homes can be seen. Several of our employees’ homes were severely flooded by either flood waters or broken pipes during the storm. We all know many people in the same situation.

The Topsail Island area and team at Century 21 Action, Inc. greatly appreciates the support, care, and understanding many of you have shown us and the Topsail Island area. THANK YOU!

Scott Erickson
Century 21 Action, Inc.

Update: 9/19/18 12:00 pm

Dear Upcoming Vacationers,

We are making headway in the area towards a fantastic recovery from Hurricane Florence. Many parts of the area now have power and water; internet and cellular service are still very spotty in areas as it comes and goes. This is one of the first opportunities we've had to send a message of this kind. Please watch our Facebook Storm Page for the most current and easily posted information.

At this time, no one but emergency personnel are allowed onto Topsail Island. This is change from yesterday when we expected to be allowed to enter the island today. Tomorrow, business owners and property owners will be permitted into Surf City and Topsail Beach. We will then have a better idea of what the situation is and will be in the near future and upcoming stays. Currently there is not a definite plan in place for the town of North Topsail Beach.

Until we can make an assessment on the island, we do not know much other than the following:

  • If you were to scheduled to vacation this current week: Sept 15th week time frame, we will be reaching out to you when we are able to help file CSA Travel Protection Claims or possibly reschedule vacations.
  • If you are scheduled to arrive next week: Sept 22nd week time frame, it does not look like you will be able to come at this point in time. We will be reaching out to you to help file CSA Travel Protection Claims or possibly reschedule vacations.
  • If you are scheduled to arrive the following week or beyond Sept. 29th, we will hopefully know more tomorrow and will reach out to you within the next few days.

We will be reaching out to every guest individually as soon as we are able. We may not have answers for all the questions you might have. If you purchased the CSA Travel Protection Insurance, we do suggest reaching out to them immediately to start a claim if you were scheduled to come in the Sept. 8th through 24th time frame. Their website is: http://www.csaclaims.com/ and their phone number is: toll-free nationwide (877) 300-8670.

We will assist with any claims just as soon as we are able. If you did not purchase the CSA Travel Protection insurance, we do not know more at this time, but hope to within the next week.

Inland NC is severely flooded. Please do not attempt to travel to our area until you have heard from us. The majority of our staff and local population did evacuate for storm, and they have not been able to return to their homes yet either due to inland flooding. Those residents, employees, and local population that did stay in the area for the storm are currently very busy addressing their own damages/emergencies/flooding/fallen trees/etc. and for neighbors, family, and friends. While it’s safe to say that our Topsail Island Areas did not receive much Major Damage as a whole, there is a lot of minimal damage everywhere which requires everyone’s attention short term. Damage to properties is on a case by case basis. Utilities are now restored to about half of the area.

We do not have phone service as of yet. Please do not respond to us via email, as we cannot check it or respond to it as of this time.

Local recovery efforts have been swift, considering the swath/size of Florence. Topsail will be back and open; better than ever. We will keep you posted as learn more.

Many of you that we have been able to communicate with at this time: we truly appreciate your support, understanding, and patience. It's good to know Topsail and Century 21 Action has such a strong support base. Together, Topsail will be better than ever, and the beach we all love.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and prayers.


Century 21 Action, Inc.

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