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10 Ways to Get Crafty at the Beach

  Have you ever wanted to bring a little bit of the beach home with you? Beach crafts are the perfect way to create your own vacation souvenir, while also bringing the essence of your beach vacation back home with you. Whether you're at a Martha Stewart level or just a novice in the worl... View the full post »

Top 10 Reasons Why Topsail is a Pet-Friendly Paradise

People love Topsail Island, North Carolina, and pets do too! And guess what? Here at Topsail Rentals Online and Century 21 Action Topsail, we are dog lovers as well. Why do dogs love vacationing here just as much as their human counterparts? Let us count the ways, ten of them to be exact. W... View the full post »

5 of the Best Ways to Have a Relaxing Labor Day

  Wow, Labor Day already? How did that happen? The summer flew by again! The good news is that on Topsail Island the summer beach vibe and island spirit continue all year long. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and some much needed beach time. Before the rest of your summer gets away from... View the full post »

Free and Cheap Things To Do in Topsail

There are many reasons to love a Topsail Island vacation, but one of the most popular is the ability to experience a quintessential beach vacation while on a budget. There are plenty of free activities and things to do, along with many other coastal adventures that are very cheap and worth spend... View the full post »

What You Need to Know About Topsail Beach

If you've been following our tour of Topsail Island, North Carolina, then you know we've reached the southern part of this beautiful 26-mile island and have arrived in Topsail Beach, NC. If you've stayed in a Topsail Island rental, you may have heard the entire coast of the island re... View the full post »

The Most Daring Topsail Adventures and Activities

If you're looking for an action-packed adventure on Topsail Island—look no further. We've rounded up the most daring things to do around Topsail, North Carolina both on the island and off. Choose your adventure, if you dare. Whether it's on land, sea or air, you'll find a littl... View the full post »

How to Have the Most Fun This July 4th in Topsail

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than at the beach? None! Join us on Topsail Island, North Carolina this year for a Fourth of July spent in true island style. Here's how to have the most fun this holiday and ways to make it the best July 4th ever. Won't you join us?  G... View the full post »

Everything You Need To Know About World Sea Turtle Day

Did you know that there is a day set aside for the sole purpose of celebrating sea turtles? There is! What better way to pay tribute to these amazing aquatic reptiles than by making this year's World Sea Turtle Day extra special and meaningful. None!   So how much do you know about... View the full post »

The Best of Summer on Topsail Island

Summertime is almost here and the beach season is on deck. Topsail Island's summer vibe is one all its own, and you'll feel right at home as soon as you cross the bridge onto the island. You're on island time and that means your stress and worries melt away and your focus is on the s... View the full post »

What You Need To Know About Surf City

  This week we're putting the spotlight on Surf City, North Carolina, the town that's front and center when you drive over the bridge onto Topsail Island. Being at the heart of the island has its advantages. It's where you'll find most of the island's shops, restaurants a... View the full post »

Why Sea Turtles Are the Most Amazing Creatures

  In honor of sea turtle nesting season beginning on May 1st on Topsail Island and all of coastal North Carolina, we're taking a few moments to learn more about these incredibly cute and utterly amazing aquatic reptiles. They really are quite fascinating on so many levels. We encourage y... View the full post »

Why Mothers Day at the Beach is the Best Gift

It's a lovely time of year on Topsail Island. The sun is shining brightly and reflecting off of the sparkling blue-green Atlantic waters. The sand is warm and soft between your toes. The coastal color palette is verdant and vibrant everywhere you look. Wouldn't this be the perfect place ... View the full post »

How to Have the Most Fun This Easter in Topsail

  It's hard to believe that April is here and another Easter holiday has rolled around. What are your plans? Why not add some beach time to your Easter holiday this year? The Atlantic Ocean beckons you, the sun is shining, and the beautiful barrier island beaches await your arrival. ... View the full post »

10 of the Best Family Things To Do in Topsail

  There is family fun for everyone on Topsail Island. Of course unadulterated beach time reigns supreme, but if you're looking for other family-friendly things to do, then we've got you covered. Check out this Top 10 list of the best things to do with your family during your time in ... View the full post »

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Visit Topsail

March is here and spring is quickly approaching. Did you know this is one of the best times to visit Topsail's beaches and towns? It is! This time of year on the North Carolina coast is absolutely stunning. Warm temperatures, sunshiny days, cool coastal nights, fishing galore plus all of the... View the full post »